BOX-type Standard Furnaces

We have standardized our five most highly demanded types of drying furnace for sales convenience.
In addition to these standard furnaces, we welcome orders to design and construct custom-made furnaces to meet your requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department at any time regarding the details of required drying conditions or any other issues.
Please note that the information below is subject to change without notice due to continuing functional improvements.

  • TYPE-C  Cost-effective Drying Furnace To create the most space-saving of our series of BOX-type drying furnaces, this furnace places the air-circulation fan and heater at the bottom of the furnace.Option: An air-volume control feature can beinstalled.Wheels are attached.Labor-saving design.
    【Lineup】 200℃Design 300℃Design
  • TYPE-L  Type L is ideal for eliminating moisture. The circulation fan and heater are located on the side of the furnace.Type L may be considered a sister model of C series. We also offer models with higher furnace capacity. Wheels attached.
    【Lineup】 200℃Design 300℃Design
    Space saving design
  • TYPE-G  Outstanding Versatility Both the right and left door open and close.This furnace can handle almost every work order handled by the BOX-type furnace. This lineup also offers models with higher furnace capacity than L series.
    【Lineup】 200℃Design 300℃Design
    Wheels attached.
  • TYPE-M  Drying Furnace with the Highest Furnace Capacity This medium-sized model incorporates a drying rack (wagon) inside the drying furnace.Both the right and left door open and close. This model offers the highest furnace capacity in the series.Type M is the most versatile model in the standard BOX-type furnace product line.Buit-in type.
    【Lineup】 200℃Design 300℃Design 
    This furnace is available for testing.
  • TYPE-D  Large Furnace Built to accommodate two separately operated wagons, this model offers the same doors as Type M but with the right and left doors opening and closing separately.Buit-in type.
    【Lineup】 200℃Design 300℃Design